Terms and Definitions

Bitbon System Public Contract

means a digital document, a type of social contract of statutory nature, basic constitutive agreement between Simcord Company, the founder of the Bitbon System[i], and all Bitbon System Participants[i], where Simcord also acts as the Bitbon System Operator[i].

This agreement identifies tasks and objectives of the Bitbon System, determines and establishes the basis for its development as well as stipulates a set of basic terms and conditions for the creation and use of Digital Assets[i], fulfillment of which is mandatory for all Bitbon System Users[i].

The Bitbon System Public Contract consists of Clauses and separate Appendices. The structure of the Bitbon System Public Contract foresees footnotes and links to separate Appendices, which are an integral part of the Bitbon System Public Contract.

The Bitbon System Public Contract has been created based on the Simcord Company’s decision to issue Bitbons[i] and to organize the Bitbon System Decentralized Autonomous Community.

The main task of the Bitbon System Public Contract, as a social contract, is to create equal conditions for all Bitbon System Users.

The Bitbon System Public Contract is available at the following link: https://www.bitbon.space/en/bitbon-system-public-contract