Bitbon System Operators

Cooperation with the status of a Bitbon System Operator[i] allows conducting activities aimed at developing the System[i] in the economic and legal fields, ensuring protection of Users’[i] rights, organizing and updating functional processes, as well as maintaining information technology infrastructure of the Bitbon System[i] as a whole.

We invite big IT companies, states, public organizations as well as research institutes to join the Bitbon System and promote its innovative development in legal, organizational and technological aspects.

Cooperation with us with the status of a Bitbon System Operator will provide an opportunity to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the System at all levels along with Simcord.

The main functional responsibilities and scope of duties of the Bitbon System Operators include the following:
  • establishment and optimization of norms and rules for managing the Bitbon System;
  • interaction with various structures and organizations aimed at ensuring the legal framework in order to protect the rights and interests of Bitbon System Users;
  • development of the decentralized Bitbon System Social Network[i];
  • regular interaction with other Bitbon System Operators in order to smoothly and effectively carry out digital modernization of the processes occurring in the System;
  • provision of access to a single digital space for all Bitbon System Users;
  • providing Users with equal conditions and all the necessary tools for conducting activities within the Bitbon System;
  • organization of the voting procedure in order to provide Bitbon System Participants[i] with a transparent way of making decisions regarding the management of the Bitbon System;
  • development of special software modules to automate processes and create reliable conditions for compliance with the Bitbon System Public Contract[i] .

If you represent an organization with a developed infrastructure and are interested in maintaining and developing a new model of socioeconomic relations, which operates based on distributed ledger[i] technologies, we invite you for cooperation with the Bitbon System. To do this, you can create a corresponding application by filling in the feedback form.

As soon as we prepare and publish the Appendix “Bitbon System Operator”, which is an integral part of the Bitbon System Public Contract, we will contact you and provide all necessary information about the possibilities of mutually beneficial cooperation.