This page provides information about the publication of the source code of the Bitbon System software components on Simcord’s page on GitHub — the biggest system for hosting IT projects and their joint open-source development.

This repository contains the source code for the software of the Bitbon System node as well as the relevant documentation.

Each GitHub user has full access to the contents of the repository and can view the published component, conduct an audit of software algorithms of the blockchain network node and some modules of the Bitbon System, as well as use the source code to integrate the Bitbon System with other services.

Further updates of the repository and placement of other components as well as Bitbon System integration protocols will happen in accordance with the Roadmap of the Bitbon System’s development.

You can get additional information using the feedback form.

Bitbon System components that are published on GitHub:

Bitbon Node Repository

Contains the source code developed by Simcord based on the source code of Ethereum blockchain

Open repository
One Space BSI Repository

Contains tools for developers in order to integrate other services with One Space BSI (libraries, components and code samples, which help develop applications and systems that interact with One Space services through an open API)

Being prepared for publication in accordance with the Bitbon System Roadmap