Forums and Media

We invite representatives of the media and organizers of regional and international forums on economic and legal issues for cooperation in order to promote and develop an innovative information business environment based on the distributed ledger[i] technology.

This model of cooperation involves:
  • advising the organizers and participants of forums on the operation and regulation of the distributed ledger technology;
  • ability to access the most relevant information about the development of a new information economy based on the distributed ledger technology;
  • assistance in obtaining expert analysis and evaluation of business plans, startups and development strategies;
  • providing information to highlight trends and promising areas of research activity regarding the development of a new model of economic and legal relations;
  • possibility of productive interaction with experts in the fields of economy, business, law and analytics in order to discuss current trends, exchange experience and information, as well as to solve complex problems related to the integration of distributed ledger technology into society..

If you are interested in cooperating with a Company that has the most up-to-date information in the field of innovative distributed ledger technology and information economy, you can contact us by leaving your application in the form below.