Bitbon System Concept
Bitbon System Concept
Bitbon System Concept
The System is a decentralized social network of economic relations and is a component of the global platform economy.
The Bitbon System encourages the development of social activities in the field of e-commerce. Tokenized assets allow Users of this social network to participate in various types of online cooperation in numerous activity areas using new methods.
Bitbon System Social Network is a form of organization of the Bitbon System Community as a decentralized social network of economic relations that allows users to realize social relations using tokenized assets via the Bitbon System infrastructure in accordance with the Bitbon System Public Contract.
Enhancement of e-commerce
The Bitbon System development is initially aimed at enhancing e-commerce using the distributed ledger technology tools that allow implementing new methods for accounting and disposal of property, including financial assets in transactions with goods and services, as well as for crowdfunding.
Rating system of accounts
One of the main elements of the Bitbon System is the rating system of User accounts, which implements the concept of the community’s collective memory of all events that took place in the Bitbon System. This rating system increases the level of responsibility of participants in the social network and their motivation to comply with the community principles as well as encourages Users to actively use the functionalities of the Bitbon System infrastructure.
Bitbon System Infrastructure
The single digital space of the social network is based on the integral infrastructure of the Bitbon System, which consists of base services and components.
Base services
provide Users with access to the functionalities of the Bitbon System infrastructure and are architecture elements of this infrastructure.
are a group of applications being architecture elements of the Bitbon System infrastructure.
Base services
Base services
One Space service
Web version
provides Bitbon System Users with access to a wide range of functionalities:
One Space service
Web version
provides Bitbon System Users with access to a wide range of functionalities:
User profile data service
allows Bitbon System Users to exercise the right to manage the public availability of their profile data in order to establish trust-based relations with counterparties to deals in the Bitbon System.
Bonpay service
allows Users to pay for goods and services on a deferred-payment basis using new methods.
Channel service
provides Bitbon System Users who have created their own tokenized assets with tools for creating news about events related to the use of a particular tokenized asset in order to inform the owners of tokenized asset units, manage this news and communicate with other Users.
Bon Transfer service
ensures the transfer of Bitbon units owned by Bitbon System Users as a way to conclude contracts using Bitbon units.
Bitbon System Authentication service
is intended for authenticating a Bitbon System User in other services of the Bitbon System using a personal account of this User.
Exchange Request for Bitbon (ERBB) service
allows transforming Bitbon units into ERBB units in the Ethereum blockchain network in order to use them on other information platforms as well as in services. It allows owners of ERBB units to receive Bitbon units and use them in the Bitbon System as well.
Meta-asset segregation service
allows Bitbon System Users to establish the terms and conditions for using meta-assets in the Bitbon System.
Providing service
allows ensuring economic, legal and technical decentralization of the Bitbon System by providing a certain number of Bitbon units owned by the User in the role of a Registrator as well as computing and telecommunication resources owned by the User in the role of a Partitioner.
Meta Studio DE service
is intended for registration, decentralized storage and accounting of digitized objects for their further use as well as for creation of tokenized assets based on them.
“Contributing” component
envisages the use of mechanisms and tools for implementing innovative methods for crowdfunding and commercial projects.
“Obventing” component
ensures the process of automatic distribution of the User’s tokenized asset units among other Bitbon System Users based on their statuses and roles.
“Asset tokenization” component
provides access to tokenized asset creation tools.
“Safebox” component
guarantees the implementation of an additional way to securely store and manage tokenized asset units.
“Escrow” component
ensures accounting for deferred payment in transactions by means of tokenized assets.
“Assetbox” component
is intended for the User to store his/her Bitbon units and to interact with other Bitbon System Users during circulation of Bitbon units in the Bitbon System.
“Providing fund of the Bitbon System” component
ensures the distribution of Bitbon units among Bitbon System Providers based on the role of a Provider: Registrator and/or Partitioner.
“Bitbon System Integration” component
allows information platforms, applications and digital systems of Users to integrate and interact with the Bitbon System infrastructure.
“Capitalization fund of the Bitbon System” component
provides a mechanism that allows Bitbon System Participants to develop the Bitbon System in the interests of all its Users.
“Digital asset unit transformation” component
allows implementing the processes of direct and reverse transformation of digital asset units into other types of tokenized assets (monoassets or polyassets) outside the Bitbon System.
“Documents and document workflow” component
allows Users to create an information resource for conducting commercial and non-commercial activities outside or in the Bitbon System, including for creating a meta-asset.
“User advertisements” component
allows creating and publishing User advertisements regarding the purchase and sale of goods and services by means of tokenized asset units.
“Infrastructure fee fund of the Bitbon System” component
accumulates Bitbon units received from infrastructure fees and provides a mechanism for maintaining and developing the Bitbon System infrastructure.
“Meta-asset protocol form” component
allows filling out a special form for creating a meta-asset with establishing the terms and conditions for its circulation as well as attributes and properties.
“Account certificates” component
automatically generates a special element of the Bitbon System User’s account, which provides this User with access to certain functionalities of the Bitbon System infrastructure.
“Account” component
of the Bitbon System User
provides access to the Bitbon System functionalities and determines the degree of Users’ trust, which is based on the amount and public availability of the profile data provided by the User. The account data as a whole gives a general overview of the reliability of each User and his/her readiness for open interaction with other Users. The Bitbon System offers two types of accounts: a personal account and a corporate account.
The “Account” component of the Bitbon System User consists of the following elements:
ID Passport
An element of the personal account that allows identifying a User in the Bitbon System as a natural person based on the category:
Corporate ID Card
An element of the corporate account that allows identifying an organization in the Bitbon System based on the category:
Specialization Card
An element of the personal account that contains data provided by a User about his/her knowledge and skills in a certain area.
Account certificate
contains a set of User data that provides access to certain functionalities of the services. The combination of account certificate indices is considered when generating an account rating, which reflects the User’s activity in the Bitbon System and directly affects the level of trust in this User.
Statuses of Bitbon System Users
In order to get access to specific services and activities in the Bitbon System, it is necessary to fulfill a number of qualification requirements and obtain a status and role that determine the level of such access for a particular User.
There are special statuses for Bitbon System Users, each of which corresponds to the selected type of activity:
uses the functionalities of the Bitbon System infrastructure, the access to which is not determined by mandatory ownership of Bitbon units.
uses the services of the Bitbon System, the access to which is determined by ownership of Bitbon units, as well as manages the Bitbon System.
on behalf of Bitbon System Participants, manages the Bitbon System, organizes and automates technological interaction between all Bitbon System Users as well as ensures compliance with the Bitbon System Public Contract.
maintains decentralization of the Bitbon System.
conducts activity related to creation and circulation of meta-assets of commercial projects, the implementation of which is associated with crowdfunding.
integrates the Bitbon System infrastructure with external information systems.
ensures adherence to the tokenized asset protocol by its parties.
provides services to other Users by using his/her own special knowledge and skills.
Roles of Bitbon System Users
The statuses of Bitbon System Users envisage specific roles, which determine the right of access for each User to the functionalities of the Bitbon System infrastructure.
The “Bitbon System Operator” status includes the following roles:
First Operator
develops the Bitbon System Social Network and operates the initial asset for the Bitbon digital asset.
Regional Operator
integrates the Bitbon System with the market infrastructure of a certain region.
Account Operator
performs verification of Bitbon System Users’ credentials regardless of their residency.
Access to the Bitbon System Infrastructure
Bitbon digital asset is access to the functionalities of the Bitbon System Social Network. Bitbon units provide Bitbon owners with access to the opportunities of the global platform economy.
By owning Bitbon units,
Bitbon System Users become participants in the global process of e-commerce enhancement.
Bitbon is a strictly limited resource of the Bitbon System, since its number is limited to 100,000,000 Bitbon units.
To use the opportunities to receive income in new ways, you need to determine your role and status in the Bitbon System Social Network.
Origin of the Name “Bitbon”
Originates from the smallest unit of information in computer systems.
Originates from the term of financial law as a form of binding documents that give the owner the right to receive certain values from a particular person.
Mechanism for Implementing Legal Relations Between Bitbon System Users
The implementation of economic relations of Bitbon System Users is based on tokenized assets as ways of their property management. These ways of property management are based on deals, and tokenized asset units are a tool for making these deals. This means that the transfer of meta-asset units (_bon) between Bitbon System Users with different statuses and roles is a way of implementing contractual relations, and the mechanism for implementing such relations is access to specific functions of base services by means of Bitbon units as a key element of the Bitbon System infrastructure.
Mechanism for Implementing Legal Relations Between Bitbon System Users
Examples of types of meta-assets (bons) in the Bitbon System
With the help of meta-assets, contractual relations in various areas of the real sector of the economy are implemented:
Role and Prospects of the Bitbon System in the Globalization of World Processes

The deep integration of societies and economies of different countries has resulted in highly dynamic globalization of the whole world that is becoming more interconnected. This is a consequence of intensive introduction of digital technologies, exchange of various resources, information, cultural and intellectual values as well as knowledge and skills in various areas.

Due to innovative technologies and dynamic development of the global platform economy, it has become possible in the modern world to use global integration processes with much greater efficiency. Digital technologies allow significant modernization of the mechanisms of social and economic communication, which can be ensured directly without any intermediaries, hundreds of times faster and with a high degree of reliability in terms of transaction conditions.

The Bitbon System is a high-tech social network and is based on a modern technology, distributed ledger token accounting system as well as on components and services ensuring economic, legal and technological decentralization.

The Bitbon System development in terms of globalization of world processes is very important for solving many social and economic problems, in particular:

  • Overcoming crises in the social economy, any violations of rights and freedoms as well as reducing uncertainty regarding the contract parties in order to produce and exchange common values with no fear of counterfeiting and theft.
  • Implementing a model of absolutely transparent and reliable data accounting and ensuring targeted and rational use of any resources.
  • Increasing the efficiency of resource allocation, which leads to an improvement in the economic indicators of the state.
  • Eliminating these problems in the banking sector, justice system, executive and legislative branches, which undermine trust in the government and create overall social tension, as well as in society as a whole.
  • Satisfying the society’s need for fairness, transparency and accessibility, which ensure greater trust in society as well as high level of its security and freedom.
  • Qualitative transformation of social and economic relations at the domestic and global levels, which generally contributes to improving living standards.
Legal Documents
You can learn more about the legal model of the Bitbon digital asset as well as the Bitbon Protocol, on the basis of which the Bitbon System Social Network operates, in the Bitbon System Public Contract.
You can also find useful information about the Bitbon System on the following website pages:
You can create a personal account in the Bitbon System by visiting the One Space website.
Simcord is the author of the concept and the developer of the Bitbon System infrastructure.
If you are already familiar with the Bitbon System concept,
you can go straight to the Bitbon System Roadmap