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History knows many vivid examples of young companies becoming the most profitable in the world in just a few years, with their products, services and technologies, in turn, rising in demand.

Their secret lies on the surface: these companies were the first to feel the moment of the emergence of fundamentally new markets with great potential and focused all their efforts on studying new ways of using the opportunities of such markets.

Simcord also started small. However, today, when the new market of information resources, products and services based on distributed ledger technologies is becoming a reality, we have already achieved a lot in the field of studying the future and the prospects of its development.
Now we would like to share several cases from history, when companies managed to successfully and timely use innovative technologies to introduce their ideas on entirely new and unoccupied markets.
$125 billion
U.S. dollars
With the discovery of the market of electronic computing tech, IBM became the biggest supplier of software and hardware to individuals, companies and even governments, which has been increasing the value of shares and profit of the company for over 100 years now.

Blockchain is the fundamental technology that the Bitbon System operates on, and the basis for the new market of information resources, products and services with unlimited potential.

Any technology cyclically goes through stages of its “maturity” from its emergence to stable commercial implementation.

This cycle was identified by the specialists of Gartner, Inc. based on the research, the results of which became the foundation for a new model of predicting and analyzing trends related to the emergence of new technologies.

The model shows how promising a particular technology is based on the degree of interest towards it from society and specialists.

The above model can be applied to the blockchain technology just like to any other innovation. You can see it by comparing the “Technology Hype Cycle” and the “Index of Interest in the Blockchain Technology” charts.

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Technology Hype Cycle
Trigger of Innovation
Peak of Inflated
Trough of Disillusionment
Slope of Enlightenment
Plateau of Productivity

Trigger of Innovation: emergence of the technology and the beginning of discussions about its prospects.

Peak of Inflated Expectations: first companies and followers appear that try to apply this technology in its entirety and receive business advantages.

Trough of Disillusionment: it turns out that the technology has a lot of downsides, flaws and limitations, which leads to the decrease in mass interest.

Slope of Enlightenment: developers fix their mistakes, the technology becomes more convenient in its application, real audience grows and, over time, the product gains interest again.

Plateau of Productivity: the technology earned its spot on the market and became a convenient tool or solution in a specific field.

Index of Interest in the Blockchain Technology
Index of Interest in the Blockchain Technology
As we can see, the same thing is happening and the blockchain technology is currently at the beginning of the slope of enlightenment of the maturity cycle of the technology.

This, in turn, gives solid ground for confidence that in the future, the blockchain technology and systems, services and tools based on it will have a stable growth of interest, popularity and demand in the plateau of productivity.

Today, blockchain is one of the most promising and progressive technologies

The emergence of the blockchain technology marked the beginning of the transformation of the digital economy into information economy.

The foundation of this economy is the universal equivalent, not money, but assets in digital form, which are managed through systems based on the blockchain technology.

What are the main advantages of the blockchain technology?
  • It ensures the security and transfer of data, including the data in property right registers.
  • It enables the direct exchange of information resources (values) without intermediaries and money.
  • It solves the problem of uncertainty for the level of trust in information in digital form, its source and transactions to be as high as possible.
  • It guarantees the inability to create copies of identifiers, to which digital assets refer.
  • It achieves the maximum level of transparency and decentralization of management.
  • It excludes the possibility of unauthorized removal or substitution of such information.
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Bitbon System

We offer a platform with a perfect model for transforming the existing form of socioeconomic relations into a more effective and transparent one for governments and society.

We are creating a new market of information resources, products and services based on this platform where the role of money is secondary, and people along with their values represented in digital form are of key importance.


Simcord occupies a leading position in the field of creating innovative solutions for the financial and economic area and blockchain technologies.

Having many years of experience backed by our research, we state that the new market of information resources, products and services based on distributed ledger technologies is being formed, which means that those, who are at the origins of this market, will receive a huge advantage.

New market of information resources, products and services

In order to enable the exchange of values between users of such market through blockchain tokens, such tokens must refer to real assets, which means be digital assets and, therefore, comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards. You can see the basic principles of this process in the chart below:


A type of distributed ledger, which constitutes a sequential chain of generated transaction blocks built according to certain rules. At the same time, each subsequent block of the structure contains information about the previous one, so as a whole, the chain stores the entire history of completed transactions.

Blockchain Token

An accounting unit circulating in the distributed ledger by means of a transaction with a unique identifier.

Digital Asset

An information resource derivative of the right to a value and circulating in the distributed ledger in the form of a unique identifier.

Information Resource

Information structured and organized in a certain way, recorded on a tangible medium. This information can be stored, transferred, used and replenished. The information resource has the properties of practical significance and usefulness, as well as the possibility of multiple use.

Set of Rights to a Value
  • Right to own
  • Right to use
  • Right to dispose
  • Property
  • Securities
  • Property rights
  • Services, works
  • Non-property rights
  • Digital assets
  • Other values
Blockchain-Based Market of Information Resources, Products and Services

Building a global market for equivalent exchange of products and services based on the blockchain technology without intermediaries

The use of a digital asset allows natural persons and business entities to estimate the main economic activity indicators, in particular, production volume, cost of production, profit and profitability.
To organize the new market of information resources, products and services based on distributed ledger technologies, we need a global scalable system to manage assets, as well as rights to own, distribute and use these assets without intermediaries. Simcord offers a universal solution for these tasks.
Financing of
Market for exchanging
rights to a value
New way of
legal relations
Right to
the right principle
Owner of a digital asset

User that finances the project


Financing happens through the use of digital assets directly by Bitbon System Users

Issuer of a digital asset

Project that requires financing

Opportunities of the Bitbon System

The Bitbon System includes a set of innovative tools and services using which the Participants, Bitbon owners, will be able to fully own and effectively manage their rights to values in digital form.

Such values can include property, property rights, non-property rights, securities, services and works, digital assets, etc.

For Users

it is an opportunity to have a stake in promising projects, raise funds for their business on mutually beneficial basis without loans and receive additional benefit from participating in providing in the Bitbon System.

For business

it is an opportunity to estimate the main economic activity indicators, in particular, production volume, cost of production, profit and cost-effectiveness of activity using digital assets. The Bitbon System also envisions a progressive equivalent exchanging of goods and services, as well as digital assets on a global market of digital assets based on the blockchain technology without intermediaries.

As you can see, the potential of the Bitbon System on the emerging market of information resources, products and services based on distributed ledger technologies is huge, which is why the opportunities of the Bitbon System are not limited to the ones mentioned above.
The key component of the Bitbon System is Bitbon, a digital asset and, in essence, an access token to functions and opportunities of the Bitbon System.
  • Bitbon is a single price equivalent in the Bitbon System, which shows the exchange value of all digital assets circulating in the System.
  • Bitbon can be used to pay transaction fees and create digital assets; to participate in building consensus in the Bitbon System; to vote and fund business projects; to pay for goods and services.
  • The legal nature of Bitbon allows operating it in full as an intangible asset within the legal framework when carrying out business activity.
100,000,000 bitbons have been issued in total, which corresponds to 100% of rights of access to the Bitbon System,

therefore, the Bitbon digital asset provides its owner with the right to access a set of rights and obligations of the value (asset) owner, which is Simcord.

You can learn more about the structure of the asset of Simcord that includes the Company’s ownership of trademarks, logos, patents and software complexes presented in Appendix No. 2 to the Bitbon Protocol by following this link: http://bitbon.space/en/backing-of-bitbon-software-complexes

Information about rights to real values (assets) circulates in the Bitbon System in the form of digital assets, which guarantees reliability, completeness, transparency, security, anonymity, speed and absence of intermediaries.

The Bitbon System is intended for natural persons and business entities. Its opportunities are endless, and digital assets are classified according to the International Financial Reporting Standards as an information resource, intangible asset, which makes them clear for taxation and irreplaceable in organizing a new way of accounting and management of goods and material values.

Properties and attributes of the Bitbon digital asset, as well as the terms and conditions of its circulation in the Bitbon System are established by the Bitbon Protocol, which is available at the following link: https://information-resources.bitbon.space/pdf/bitbon-protocol.pdf

Bitbon Protocol

All of the above-mentioned guarantees the ability to create new forms of socioeconomic relations based on the Bitbon System, which will contribute to the emergence and intensive development of new ways of building business based on using one’s own assets in digital form with economic effectiveness that surpasses traditional approaches hundred- and even thousandfold.

Please note that the number of bitbons in the System is limited and amounts to only:

and additional issue is impossible.

The new market of information resources, products and services based on distributed ledger technologies will cover all currently existing markets of:
≈ $ 600
  • information
  • labor
  • currencies
  • products and services
  • securities
  • financial derivatives

These markets will certainly continue to exist, but for that, in light of the global trend towards digitalization and evolution of socioeconomic relations, they will need to transfer to a more advanced platform based on the blockchain technology.

The Bitbon System is that platform, its goal is to become one of the most effective databases for accounting and redistribution of any resources available to the global economy.

For 2019, according to the estimates of experts, capitalization of the global market of securities and markets of financial derivatives exceeds:
(six hundred trillion) U.S. dollars.
≈ $ 240
We also know that the market of blockchain derivatives currently takes up only
% of this amount.
≈ $ 240
Therefore, along with the development and expansion of the new market of information resources, products and services based on distributed ledger technologies, we expect a rapid increase in demand for the ability to manage values (assets) in digital form.
  • This is the reason why blockchain-based platforms, like the Bitbon System, have a great future.
  • Access to the functionality of the Bitbon System and, by extension, to the emerging market based on the blockchain technology, can be obtained only by owning bitbons.
If you are already familiar with the Bitbon System concept,
you can go straight to the Bitbon System Roadmap and Bitbon System Decentralization Roadmap