Cooperation in the status of a Bitup-Agency[i] provides ample opportunities to benefit from implementing and supervising business projects, protecting the interests of the Bitbon System Users[i], as well as conducting the Asset Digitization Procedure[i] for the subsequent circulation of assets in the System[i].

Right now, you can take advantage of a unique opportunity — join us and take part in the formation and development of the economy of the future — the information economy based on distributed ledger technologies[i].

The organizational structure of a Bitup-Agency should include specialists who have practical experience in their field in each of the following areas:
Specialist in International Law Specialist in International Law
Audit Specialist Audit Specialist
Business and/or Financial Analyst Business and/or Financial Analyst
The professional skills in these areas will allow such a Bitup-Agency to properly and effectively perform its duties in terms of creating Projectbon Protocols[i] of specific projects, conducting the Asset Digitization Procedure of the real sector of economy, providing related services during the IBO[i] (Initial Business Offering) process, supervising the implementation of business projects as well as providing advisory services.

The activity of a Bitup-Agency as a whole is aimed at protecting and representing the interests of the Bitbon System Users.

Moreover, Bitup-Agencies have the right to independently determine the cost of the provided services within their areas of expertise.

Basic functions of the Bitup-Agency:

  1. 1) Conducting the Asset Digitization Procedure.
  2. 2) Providing advisory services to the Bitbon System Users regarding business projects at all stages of their implementation.
  3. 3) Evaluating the Contractat’s[i] business project to determine the validity of the proposed business model.
  4. 4) Preparing and supervising the Business Plan of the project[i] in accordance with the basic international rules of conducting commercial activity.
  5. 5) Drawing up the terms and conditions of the Projectbon Protocol in accordance with the Business Plan of a specific project approved by the Contractat.
  6. 6) Admitting the Contractat’s project to the IBO and supervising its implementation in the Bitbon System.
  7. 7) Supervising the Bitbon[i] distribution at all stages of the business project implementation and fulfillment of all obligations by the Contractat under the terms and conditions of the Projectbon Protocol of this project.
  8. 8) Legal analysis of the Contractat’s business project.
  9. 9) Providing additional information during the IBO process at the request of the Contributor[i], which confirms the validity of the Business Plan of a specific project.
  10. 10) Controlling the fulfillment of the Contractat’s obligations to the Contributors under the terms and conditions of the Projectbon Protocol of a specific project.
  11. 11) Verification of the Bitbon System Users as part of the KYC procedure in accordance with international standards.
  12. 12) Restoring access to the Bitbon System User’s account.
  13. 13) Ensuring the implementation of the digital asset inheritance procedure in the Bitbon System.