Security Protection

The security of Bitbon[i] digital transfer is based on the absence of any motive in the unlawful Bitbon withdrawal (against the will of the Bitbon owner) due to the inexpediency of its usage in future, as the Bitbon System mechanism allows establishing the entire transaction history and the identity of the Bitbon System Participant[i] at each stage of Bitbon movement determining its legal nature.

All transactions in the Bitbon System are instant and irrevocable; the algorithms of multifactor authorization of access to User’s[i] Account[i] are implemented in the System. The list of authorization levels is determined by the User when registering in the Bitbon System.

To ensure the security of Bitbon transactions, the verification mechanisms of the Bitbon System User are implemented. Recording all operations with each Bitbon in the Blockchain[i] allows guaranteeing reliability of data storing.

Selecting options of transaction confirmation allows the Bitbon System User to protect his/her Account from third party access by adding confirmation mechanisms, depending on the purpose and type of the Bitbon transfer.

Due to the implemented algorithms of multifactor authorization, each Bitbon System User will always be able to restore access to his/her Account in the event the access is lost.