Security Assurance

For Simcord, as the founder and the First Bitbon System Operator, security assurance of personal data and tokenized assets of the System’s Users is the highest priority when developing components and services of the System.

We constantly add new levels of protection, improve security audit processes, and reduce the “attack surface” of the hardware and software infrastructure of the Bitbon System.

In order to ensure the high level of information security,
the following solutions are in place:


  • Data of Users and of the Bitbon System is stored using reliable encryption algorithms on the servers located in certified European and Asian data centers (not lower than TIER-3) and ensuring high level of security.
  • Data is regularly backed up.
  • All confidential information, including the documents uploaded by the Users, is stored in encrypted form in separate storage systems isolated from external access.
  • Application of IPS and NGFW systems.
  • Support of two-factor authentication (2FA) to access the account.


  • Simcord’s employees are highly qualified to occupy their positions and undergo thorough examination beforehand, as well as sign the required legal agreements, including the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement).
  • Only a limited number of employees have access to confidential data of the hardware and software infrastructure of the Bitbon System, the ones who received the required authorization to work with such data.
  • Additional security in the Bitbon System is ensured by conducting regular audits and security tests. Based on the analysis of the received results, certain events take place aimed at increasing the security level.
  • Updates of services and components of the Bitbon System, as well as the addition of new functions, take place after testing by the quality control department, which also involves the information security specialists.
  • The internal service of quick response and management identifies and prevents threats to information security.

When organizing the security of the Bitbon System, methods of securing confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information are used in accordance with the ISO/IEC (27002:2013/Cor.2:2015) standard, the main sections of which include:

  • security policy;
  • organization of information security;
  • ensuring physical integrity and safety of equipment;
  • access control;
  • management of uninterrupted operation of the organization;
  • compliance with regulatory requirements.

For security reasons, in this article, our Company does not provide the full list of methods that ensure efficient and uninterrupted operation of the Bitbon System.