Backing of Bitbon

This page shows the materials from the extract, which was formed from the inventory passport to the nonmonetary asset “Infrastructure Asset of the Bitbon System — Simcord”, which is an Appendix to the Bitbon Protocol, a document that confirms the backing of the Bitbon digital asset by real assets.

You can read the full version of Appendix No. 2 Asset of SIMCORD LLC on the “Bitbon Protocol” page by following this link:

Information on software complexes (products) that are Simcord’s property and an integral part of its asset:

Bitbon Space Web

Website of the Bitbon System is an information and technological platform that provides all necessary information and tools for activity of Bitbon System Users. The website presents fundamental legal, technical and other materials, external and internal services, and statistics.

One Space Web

Web application allows Bitbon System Users to have more extensive functions in relation to One Space mobile app on effective and secure management of accounts and digital assets.


One Space Mobile iOS and Android

Using One Space mobile app, Bitbon System Users get an alternative way of connecting to their accounts in order to effectively and securely manage their digital assets and the ability to have convenient communication with other Bitbon System Users.


News Publishing Service

The service provides a set of external APIs to connect and manage news publications in web and mobile apps.


One Space API

Integration web service of the Bitbon System, which provides a set of external APIs to connect customer-oriented applications to the Bitbon System.


Message Gateway

Service that implements special mechanisms for verifying the authenticity of the identity using various communication channels in order to confirm the legitimacy of the user’s operations in the applications of the Bitbon System.


Bitbon System Integration

A set of software solutions based on APIs that provide the ability to integrate various exchange services and business-oriented solutions with the Bitbon System in order to use them when exchanging Bitbon digital asset for other digital assets and financial instruments.


Bitbon System Node

Fundamental component of the Bitbon System that realizes a set of solutions needed for the operation of the public distributed ledger of the Bitbon System and to provide Bitbon System Users with an access to it.


Community PoS Consensus Building Mining

Service that realizes the achievement of consensus in the decentralized execution environment of the Bitbon System in accordance with the Community PoS algorithm, which ensures the achievement of an agreement in the formation of a block sequence, their signing and subsequent verification.

All software complexes are in open access and ensure proper operation of services of the Bitbon System.