Transition to the Era of Digital Economy

According to the development stages of the Bitbon System[i], this section will contain Projectbon Protocols[i] of specific projects. Here you will have a unique opportunity to learn more about interesting business projects at different stages of their promotion and to choose promising ones by determining your share in such projects. The share you will determine will be designated in Projectbons[i], and you will obtain the status of a Contributor[i] to receive Obvents[i].
Here you can learn more about three main stages of integration of the real sector of economy into the new digital economy by means of Projectbon Protocols.
  • Preparatory stage
  • IBO stage
  • Implementation stage
The “Preparatory stage” section will contain a list of business projects, which are at the stage of obtaining admission to the IBO[i]. At this stage, the Bitup-Agency[i] conducts a comprehensive study of the Contractat’s[i] business offer, which includes collection of all necessary information in order to confirm the business model validity.