Service Fees

In accordance with paragraph 1 of Provision 16 of the Bitbon System Public Contract, the Bitbon System envisions a service fee paid by Bitbon System Users for maintaining and developing the Bitbon System infrastructure. The service fee consists of two parts: infrastructure fee and operation fee.

The infrastructure fee in the Bitbon System is part of the service fee for using the Bitbon System infrastructure, which is mandatory and deducted in Bitbon units.

The terms of collection, the procedure for calculating and deducting service fees in the Bitbon System are determined in the Appendix to the Bitbon System Public Contract Service Fees in the Bitbon System: the Procedure for Their Deduction and Distribution. The infrastructure fee is calculated based on the base rate (hereinafter — BR).

Base rate
0.001 bitbons

Infrastructure Fees for Using Base Services

Bitbon Unit Transfers

Infrastructure fee
Transfer of Bitbon units
100 BR

Assetbox Management

Infrastructure fee
Assetbox creation
300 BR
Editing Assetbox properties
10 BR

* The list of established service fees is not exhaustive and will be supplemented as base services of the Bitbon System and their functions are implemented in accordance with the Roadmap.

This section will also contain the mechanism for calculating the base rate. This mechanism is based on the principle that ensures the stability of the base rate value in relation to the currencies of different countries when the price of bitbon changes. That is, when the price of bitbon increases, the base rate value decreases.