According to the Bitbon System Roadmap as well as Provision 15 of the Bitbon System Public Contract infrastructure[i] building is implemented as part of the concept of technological decentralization of the Bitbon System[i]. The concept of ensuring technological decentralization of the Bitbon System is to create a global, highly reliable and distributed storage of secure data with a high degree of trust, which is updated in real time and supported by the Bitbon System Providers[i] in the role of Partitioners[i] in order to create and develop decentralized services[i] of the Bitbon System for building a global new generation accounting and management system to ensure the rational use of available resources.

The participation share of each Partitioner in the Bitbon System infrastructure building depends on technical properties and characteristics of the resources provided by the Partitioner, including the quality and speed of the Internet channel, CPU time and the amount of memory for long-term data storage.

According to paragraph 1.2 of Provision 17 of the Bitbon System Public Contract, during the transition period of the Bitbon System, SIMCORD LLC with the status[i] of a Provider in the role[i] of a Partitioner shall independently maintain and develop the Bitbon System infrastructure, using its own computing and telecommunication resources.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in accordance with the Bitbon System Roadmap, some components of the Bitbon System are still being developed or prepared for launch, but owners of Bitbon units can already use the existing services. We recommend that you purchase Bitbon units and join the community.