Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy provisions shall apply to the Company’s activity in respect of its Customers and Partners.

1. To start using Company services, the Customer shall fill in an electronic standard application form and send it to the Company, enclosing scanned copies of the required documents.

2. While filling in the application form, the Customer discloses his/her personal information. This personal information will be used by the Company to contact the Customer in relation to the services provided.

3. All personal data will be regarded as confidential and used only within the Company’s activities by its branches and business Partners, and these data will not be disclosed to any third party, unless it is required by the procedures established in regulations, or by legal proceedings.

4. The Company may collect other information about the Customer to improve the quality of the services provided to him/her.

5. The Company shall not transfer the Customer’s personal data to any third party and shall not use them for other purposes.

6. The Company transfers the information enabling to identify the Customer to third parties for the statistical and advertisement purposes only.

7. In case of any changes in the information enabling to identify the Customer and his/her place of residence, the Customer shall make respective changes in his/her Account.

8. The Company uses cookie files on its website. The Company associates information kept in cookie files with any information related to the Customer identification and which the Customer provides while using the Company website.

9. The Company shall take all necessary steps and shall make every effort to prevent any unauthorized access to the abovementioned information by encoding submitted personal information.

10. The information provided by the Customer together with his/her application for the Account registration in the System is stored on protected servers.

11. The Customer may also be given access to his/her personal Account using the data entered through multifactor verification, which the Customer will be able to select at his/her sole discretion and which shall be known only to the Customer. The Company encodes the data obtained to secure their best protection.

12. The Company reserves the right to disclose the personal registration information of the Customer in cases it is required by law or when the Company believes that disclosure of this information is required to protect its rights, and/or under legal proceedings, according to the court order or under the legal proceedings initiated against the Company.

13. The Company shall not be liable for incorrect use or personal information loss resulted from using cookie files on its website, which the Company neither has access to nor can control.

14. The Company shall not be liable for any illegal or unauthorized use of the Customer’s personal information caused by incorrect use or unsafe storage (negligent or deliberate) of the Customer’s passwords.

15. The Company, at its sole discretion, may change its Privacy Policy at any time without the Customer’s prior consent.

16. Changes in the Privacy Policy are published on the Company website.