The rapid development of the distributed ledger[i] technology has determined the need for the development and implementation of innovative educational programs, as well as comprehensive studies of new economic and legal relations that emerge in society based on the distributed ledger technologie.

We invite higher education institutions, research institutes and academies of sciences for cooperation to formulate the basic principles of a new economy based on the market of information resources[i] and services on the basis of the distributed ledger technology.

Advantages of cooperation:

  • Development and implementation of education programs for the formation of a system of continuous staff training in order to promote innovative projects in the field of information economy.
  • Conducting comprehensive analytical studies, the purpose of which is to obtain scientific and legal expert opinions for the formation of concepts and mechanisms for the operation of the informational Bitbon System[i] in the international legal field.
  • Development of principles and norms for regulating a new type of socioeconomic relations emerging on the basis of the distributed ledger technologie.
  • Formation of the most effective strategies that meet the needs of society and contribute to the integration of the distributed ledger technology into it.

We invite you to become part of the scientific community focused on studying and creating new models of socioeconomic relations, which will be implemented based on the Bitbon System. If you are interested in cooperating with us, you can leave your application in the form below.