Here you will find explanations to the main concepts and principles of providing in the Bitbon System. This will make it easy for you to figure out the key parameters of the analytical dashboard, build an effective Registrator pool and receive remuneration.

Do I have to transfer bitbons to participate in providing?

Only you can access Bitbon units stored in your Assetbox. When you use your bitbons in providing, they remain in your Assetbox — you do not transfer such Bitbon units to other Providers or providing fund.

Bitbons are stored in your Assetbox and are part of the base balance of your pool, which, in turn, affects the size of your remuneration.

How do I receive remuneration?

All Providers receive remuneration from the providing fund for maintaining the decentralized execution environment of the Bitbon System.

Remuneration is credited directly to your Assetbox based on your engaged resources.

If you do not accept the transaction with remuneration within 30 days, it is returned to the providing fund for further redistribution.

How can I increase my remuneration?

Your remuneration for participating in providing depends on your contribution to ensuring decentralization of the Bitbon System: the more resources you engage and the more participants you attract to your pool, the higher your remuneration will be.

How can I track the changes in the statistics of operation of the Registrator pool?

In order to make it easier for you to track the indicators of your pool, the official website of the Bitbon System has an “Audit and Statistics” page, which contains several types of charts and indicators that show various kinds of detailed information in real time indicating the transparency of all providing processes.

What is a Registrator’s calculator?

With the help of the Registrator’s calculator, you can perform a preliminary calculation of remuneration for your activity as a Registrator.

The application will allow you to calculate the remuneration with your specified parameters with the ability to select a specific time period using one of three prediction models based on the configuration of Registrator pools.

What is the adviser bot for?

The adviser bot was created using the Telegram messenger.

It gives recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of managing the pool and gives Registrators timely information about key events in their pools: about incoming transactions with remuneration, about connection of new Assetboxes, about recalculation of levels and powers, as well as about other parameters, which will allow you to develop your pool quickly and effectively.

How do I analyze the operation of the Registrator pool?

Registrator’s analytical dashboard is a sort of “guide” for operating your pool.

Statistics available in the analytical dashboard will allow you to receive detailed information on all Assetboxes in all the lines of your pool to ensure its effective management. Additionally, the analytical dashboard shows detailed statistics of distributing remuneration for participating in providing as a Registrator.

How do I start my activity as a Registrator?

In order to connect to providing as a Registrator, a Bitbon System User should go to the “Transfers” section on the “Assets” page of the One Space website and make a transfer (a fixed amount of 0.0001 Bitbon units with the /providing comment) from the Assetbox he/she selected to the Assetbox of the Registrator, the pool of which he/she wants to connect to.

During the transfer, you do not need to specify the protection code. Once the Assetbox is successfully connected to providing, a corresponding icon will appear on the Assetbox plate, and the User will be able to carry out activity as a Registrator .

What is a Registrator pool virtual modeling application?

The Registrator pool virtual modeling application will allow you to figure out the principles of building models of Registrator pools with various combinations of Assetboxes and their balances, as well as calculate the powers of such pools, which will allow you to choose the most optimal way of building your own pool.