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EFO and ABR — Expanding Opportunities of the Bitbon System Participants in the Process of Contributing

17.09.2018 14:43

In connection with preparation for launching Contributing and according to the development stages of the Bitbon System, Simcord specialists have developed two new processes, EFO and ABR, to provide additional opportunities to the BitMore
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The Bitbon System Development. Latest Updates and Innovations

14.09.2018 15:14

Mining Fund — New Component of the Bitbon System At present, the Bitbon System development is characterized by thorough elaboration of processes that are planned for the next stages, including those related to the peculiarities of future mining in the BitMore
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2FA for Better Protection of Bit Trade Accounts

10.09.2018 16:27

In order to provide the Bitbon System Users with the most secure conditions of Bitbon storage and management on the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets, on September 10, 2018, our specialists have conducted the scheduled update. Now, each User has...
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Official Cooperation with the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine

07.09.2018 08:45

Simcord Company has started official cooperation with the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine in order to obtain a scientific and legal expert opinion on the subject “Legal basis of the Bitbon System”. This opinion should confirm the status of Bitbon...
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Updating the Key Term of the Bitbon System

05.09.2018 10:50

Due to the effective and progressive development of the Bitbon System according to the stages defined for the period 2015–2025 and based on the evident fact that the number of Users in the System grows every day, Simcord Company is currently elaborating all the processes laid down i...