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Update of the Official Website of Simcord Company — the Founder of the Bitbon System

05.07.2019 12:53

According to the adopted development strategy and Clauses 66 and 67 of the Bitbon System Public Contract, Simcord Company in the status of the first Bitbon System Operator, as well as the founder of the Bitbon System, performs its activity...
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Digital Asset in the Economic and Legal Aspects

04.06.2019 10:59

Simcord Company pays special attention to its own developments, following not only the vision of future trends, but also the principles of optimization and adaptation of technologies, which ensure that the products and services created by the Company operate in the legal field with maximum...
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Adapting the Bitbon System to Standards of International Law

29.05.2019 11:29

Simcord continues to adapt the Bitbon System to the standards of international law. According to the development plan of the Bitbon System, a number of new terms and definitions have been added, the existing definitions have been improved, and some of the Clauses of...
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Global Updates of Simcord Resources

16.05.2019 09:16

In the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2019, Simcord plans three global updates of resources according to the implementation stages of the Bitbon System development strategy and the Company as a whole. Update of the External Structure of the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets...
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Development of the Information Base of the Bitbon System at the Stages of Preparing for the Launch of Mining and Contributing

26.04.2019 11:25

While preparing for the launch of Consensus building mining, the specialists of Simcord Company continue to develop new terms and definitions of the Bitbon System in order to provide the Bitbon System Users with an opportunity to correctly understand the main...