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Global Updates of Simcord Resources

16.05.2019 09:16

In the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2019, Simcord plans three global updates of resources according to the implementation stages of the Bitbon System development strategy and the Company as a whole. Update of the External Structure of the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets...
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Development of the Information Base of the Bitbon System at the Stages of Preparing for the Launch of Mining and Contributing

26.04.2019 11:25

While preparing for the launch of Consensus building mining, the specialists of Simcord Company continue to develop new terms and definitions of the Bitbon System in order to provide the Bitbon System Users with an opportunity to correctly understand the main...
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Master Class from Simcord Company Prior to the Launch of Mining in the Bitbon System

23.04.2019 10:01

There is not much time left before the launch of mining in the Bitbon System and expansion of Bitbon to the international exchanges. Taking into account the practical significance of these important events and activities aimed at promoting the priority product,...
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Consensus Building Using the Community PoS Algorithm in the Blockchain Network of the Bitbon System

18.04.2019 11:57

Simcord Company continues to develop the Bitbon System infrastructure, including its technical component. The stage of preparation for the launch of Consensus building mining in the Bitbon System involved an extensive work on researching the existing consensus...
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The End of the Offer from Simcord

11.04.2019 09:55

We would like to inform you that, on May 3, 2019, the Offer from Simcord will be terminated by the Company based on Clause 5.4 of the Additional Offer Terms and Conditions, which is considered to be the end of the Offer. Every Bitbon System Participant who has purchased...