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International Registration of Intellectual Property Objects of Simcord Company

06.09.2019 13:47

Simcord Company continues to work on ensuring legal protection of its own intellectual developments and innovative products, as well as their promotion on the international level. Activity aimed at ensuring the protection of intellectual property of the Company in Kazakhstan has resulted in the...
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Academy of Information Economy — Innovative Educational Platform

23.08.2019 12:59

The processes of globalization and dynamic development of information technologies have significantly changed the existing socioeconomic relations. The expansion of digital products and informatization of all fields have initiated the creation of a new economic model — information. The development...
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Program of the III Kharkiv International Legal Forum

16.08.2019 10:01

Today a website dedicated to the III Kharkiv International Legal Forum on the topic “Evolution of Economic and Legal Relations in the Light of the Blockchain Technology Development” has been launched. This event will be held in Kharkiv from September 24 to 28, 2019 with the support of the general...
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Speech of Simcord CEO Addressed to the Bitbon System Users

08.08.2019 10:05

Since the moment when the idea of creating the Bitbon System was born, enough time has passed to allow the Simcord team, its Partners, as well as the majority of the Bitbon System Users to gain a holistic understanding of its essence and purpose. We try to convey...
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Update of the Official Website of Simcord Company — the Founder of the Bitbon System

05.07.2019 12:53

According to the adopted development strategy and Clauses 66 and 67 of the Bitbon System Public Contract, Simcord Company in the status of the first Bitbon System Operator, as well as the founder of the Bitbon System, performs its activity...