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Interview with Alexander Kud for Simcord Information Service Dated January 18, 2019

18.01.2019 11:08

This publication marks the start of a series of interviews with Alexander Kud, CEO of Simcord group of companies, aiming to systematically present current information when the Information Service of the Company receives questions from Partners and Customers. Alexander, lately,...
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First Stage of Introducing the Concept of Digital Asset into the International Legal Field

15.01.2019 10:03

Today, progressive and rapid development of the world is closely connected with the development and implementation of new blockchain-based products. Various types of digital obligations emerge increasingly. Their functioning is based on Blockchain, in particular, functioning of tokens and crypto...
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Crypto Currency or Digital Asset?

11.01.2019 10:20

In the early stages of crypto currency development, many outstanding investors and financial experts, including Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates — the world’s largest hedge fund, John Bogle, owner of Vanguard Group investment company, Carlo Messina, President of Intesa Sanpaolo — the...
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Results of 2018

31.12.2018 09:47

Simcord Company summarizes the year past and shares expectations of the year ahead. The year 2018 was filled with all kinds of important events for Simcord Company. This was the year when the Bitbon System was launched. March 10, 2018 is a historic date and is recorded in the...
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Take Advantage of Our Special Offer — Receive Your Bonus in Bitbons

28.12.2018 16:24

From December 28, 2018, the special Offer, which allows you to receive a guaranteed Bonus when buying Bitbons, will be in effect on the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets. According to this Offer, the Bonus will be credited only if you buy...