We do not wait for the future to happen.
We build it today.

Simcord Company is the founder and the first Bitbon System Operator that has many years of experience in the field of creating innovative solutions for financial and economic areas and blockchain technologies. Products and services of the Company are based on the results of the research activity of Simcord and have been developed taking into account development prospects of modern trends.

“By creating innovative technologies, Simcord sets a new progressive direction for the development of information economy based on distributed ledger technologies”.

We would like you to look at the main sections of the Company’s website:

  • Activity of the Company

    Activity of Simcord is aimed at creating and developing new economic and legal models, as well as hardware and software complexes built on the basis of the blockchain technology.

  • Scientific and Legal Opinions

    Simcord is conducting analytical research aimed at defining the terms and mechanisms of the Bitbon System functioning in the international legal field as part of the official cooperation with scientific organizations.

  • Patents

    A number of patents confirm exclusive copyright on invented and developed technologies that are the foundation of products and services of the Company.

  • Trademarks

    Registration of trademarks in different countries of the world contributes to more active promotion and popularization of the Company’s products and services.

  • ISO Certification

    Simcord’s compliance with the international quality management standards is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.

  • Structure of the Company

    Using the matrix system of interaction between departments and internal services allows all units and specialists of the Company to effectively communicate in order to implement projects, which points to a major focus on high quality of products.

  • Cooperation

    We invite managers of big IT companies and corporations, specialists in exchange trading, experts in financial and legal fields and public figures for cooperation as Independent Directors.

  • Life of the Company

    Corporate culture is an integral part of Simcord’s life as well as the driving force for the Company’s success as a whole.

  • History of the Company

    The entire history of the Company is a powerful engine of thinking, intellect and progress. You can learn about how it all started and what we have achieved over the years from the history of Simcord.