What Is Crypto Asset?

Crypto asset is a digital derivative financial instrument, which has all the properties of a crypto currency, issued by a company or a group of individuals in order to attract financial resources to implement promising projects or to acquire Assets for capitalization. The crypto asset serves as an instrument, which guarantees the identification of the crypto asset owner with the fulfillment of obligations of the issuer to the crypto asset holder. The “crypto asset” term is based on the following definitions:


Science studying techniques to secure confidentiality (impossibility of reading information by a third party), data integrity (impossibility of imperceptible information change), authentication (verification of the author’s authenticity or other object properties) as well as non-repudiation.


Any commodity that can perform the function of money when exchanging goods on the domestic or international market.


Movable and immovable property, machinery and production equipment, bank deposits, copyrights, financial instruments, securities, know-how, trademarks, shares in statutory funds and in other companies, shares in various projects with legal entities and individuals and other assets that have an investment value and contribute to the crypto asset capitalization and the growth of its value.

The value of each crypto asset is directly affected by the way the issuing company manages its Assets and by the efficiency of such management. Consequently, the actual value of crypto asset on the exchange depends directly on the quality of Asset management in general (i.e. an increase in quantity, cost, liquidity, profitability and other indicators). In this case, attention should be paid to the transparency of the Asset evaluation process, which must be open and shall be conducted involving competent professionals or audit companies.

In the Bitbon System, this function is performed by Bitup-Agencies, which reevaluate Assets at various stages of implementation of the Contractat’s business project under the terms and conditions of the Projectbon Public Contract.