Terms and Definitions in the Bitbon System

Bitbon System service

Bitbon System service is a software complex that provides a Bitbon System Participant[i] with the ability to exercise certain scope of rights of access to the functionality of this software complex based on the number Bitbon[i] access token accounting units[i] he/she owns.

The main services of the Bitbon System are:

  • Management of the Bitbon System[i].;
  • Contributing[i];
  • Consensus building mining[i];
  • Infrastructure building mining[i];
  • Creation of digital assets[i];
  • Creation of service tokens[i];
  • Decentralized exchange of digital assets[i] (Bon Exchange[i]);
  • Digital asset transfer[i] (Bon Transfer[i].);
  • Creation of Assetbox[i] and Safebox[i];
  • Others.