Terms and Definitions

Projectbon Promoter

means a Bitbon System User[i] who has the right in the Bitbon System[i] to provide full range of mechanisms on the public information resources[i] he/she owns in order to promote business projects and attract the Bitbon System Users for their further participation in the IBO[i] (Initial Business Offering) process.

In accordance with Clause 59[i] of the Bitbon System Public Contract[i], the Bitbon System Capitalization Fund[i] in favor of all Bitbon System Users in the status of Projectbon Promoters transfers 10% from the number of Projectbons[i] received by the Fund in the process of automatic Contributing[i] in accordance with the Class of Projectbon Protocols[i] of specific business projects. The given 10% of Projectbons are distributed among the Projectbon Promoters in proportion to the amount of Projectbons that Contributors[i] have exchanged for Bitbons[i] using the public information resources provided separately by each Projectbon Promoter. Thus, the Projectbon Promoter automatically receives the status of a Contributor of a specific business project and takes part in the Obventing[i] process.

In accordance with Clause 60[i] of the Bitbon System Public Contract, under the terms and conditions of the Projectbon Protocol[i] of his/her project, the Bitbon System User in the status of a Contractat[i] may determine the amount of remuneration designated in Bitbons in favor of Projectbon Promoters in the Contributing process.