Terms and Definitions in the Bitbon System


Masterbox is a record (cell) in the blockchain[i] in the form of an identifier[i] created on the basis of admission of the Contractat’s[i] business project to the IBO[i] (Initial Business Offering) by the Bitup-Agency[i] in order to ensure the implementation of this project by transferring Bitbon[i] accounting units from Contributors[i] to the Masterbox during the IBO as well as to ensure the Contractat’s compliance with the terms and conditions of the Projectbon Protocol[i] of a specific business project.

All actions for transferring Bitbon digital assets[i] from the Masterbox to the Assetbox[i] must be confirmed by digital access keys. The actions are performed under the terms and conditions specified in the Projectbon Protocol of a specific business project.

Unique digital keys to access the Masterbox of a specific business project are automatically generated by the Bitbon System[i] when the Bitup-Agency adds the IBO Certificate[i] to the IBO Register[i].