Terms and Definitions

Crypto asset means a digital derivative financial instrument[i], which has all the properties of a crypto currency[i], issued by a company or a group of individuals in order to attract financial resources to implement promising projects or to acquire Assets[i] for capitalization. The crypto asset serves as an instrument, which guarantees the identification of the crypto asset owner with the fulfillment of obligations of the issuer to the crypto asset holder.
Derivative financial instrument means an agreement (contract) under which the parties are entitled or undertake to perform certain actions with respect to the underlying asset.
Crypto currency means a digital asset, recording of which is decentralized; cryptography is used to ensure consistency of the chain of transaction blocks in the Blockchain.
Assets mean property that is legally owned by the Bitbon System User, including real estate, bank deposits, machinery and production equipment, securities, patents, trademarks, know-how, shares in statutory funds and in other companies, shares in various projects with legal entities and individuals, Bitbons or Projectbons of another Bitbon System User and other assets.