Terms and Definitions


means a Bitbon System User[i] who exchanges his/her Bitbons[i] for Projectbons[i] to receive a certain amount of benefit from Contributing[i] and thereby participates in the implementation of the selected business project.

The number of projects where the Bitbon System User can participate is unlimited. However, he/she will be a Contributor for each project separately.

Declaring his/her participation in a particular business project by exchanging Bitbons for Projectbons of the selected type, the Bitbon System User obtains the status of a Contributor.

The Contributor, at his/her sole discretion, decides to participate in a business project based on personal interest.

In general, the Contributor’s activity is aimed at receiving an additional benefit, which is determined in direct proportion to his/her share in Projectbons and automatically distributed among the Contributors of this project under the terms of the Projectbon Public Contract[i].

The Projectbon Public Contract of a specific project defines additional rights and obligations of the Contributor as one of its independent parties.