Terms and Definitions in the Bitbon System


Contractat is a Bitbon System User[i] that has initiated the creation of the Projectbon Protocol[i] of his/her own project, which is registered in the Register of Digital Asset Protocols[i] in the Bitbon System[i] on the basis of admission by the Bitup-Agency[i].

The number of projects that may be initiated by the Contractat is unlimited. However, he/she will be the Contractat for each project separately.

The Contractat’s activity accompanied by the Bitup-Agency is aimed at successful implementation of his/her project, which becomes possible through the participation of Contributors[i] by means of conducting the IBO[i] under the terms and conditions stipulated by the Projectbon Protocol of this business project.

The Projectbon Protocol of a specific business project defines additional rights and duties of the Contractat as one of its parties, including obligations to back Projectbons[i] by a value[i].