Terms and Definitions

ABR (Automatic Bitbon Reversion)

ABR (Automatic Bitbon Reversion) means a process in the Bitbon System[i], which may take place if, after the fulfillment of all implementation stages of the project by the Contractat[i] in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Projectbon Protocol[i], any Bitbon[i] amount remains in the Masterbox[i] of the given project.

The ABR process starts when the Bitup-Agency[i], which supervises implementation of a specific business project, establishes that there are Bitbons left in the Masterbox of the project after implementation of all project stages.

The ABR process is completed when the remaining Bitbons in the Masterbox of the project are automatically distributed among Contributors[i] according to their amount of Projectbons[i] of this business project.