Terms and Definitions


means a company (legal entity registered and operating in accordance with the requirements of jurisdiction of which it is a taxpayer), or an individual, i.e., a person, participant of civil and other legal relations (holder of rights and obligations). The Contractat initiates creation of the Projectbon Public Contract[i] of his/her own project, which is accepted into the Bitbon System[i] on the basis of admission to the IBO[i] (Initial Business Offering) by the Bitup-Agency[i].

The number of projects that may be initiated by the Contractat is unlimited. However, he/she will be the Contractat for each project separately.

The Contractat’s activity accompanied by the Bitup-Agency is aimed at successful implementation of his/her project, which is possible through the involvement of Contributors[i] by means of Projectbons[i] under the terms and conditions stipulated by the Projectbon Public Contract of this project.

The Projectbon Public Contract of a specific project defines additional rights and obligations of the Contractat as one of its independent parties, including obligations to back Projectbons as well as to guarantee the project implementation in the amount of the Assets[i] involved.