Terms and Definitions


Safebox means a record (cell) with a unique alphanumeric identifier[i] created by the Bitbon System Participant[i] in the blockchain[i] for storing his/her own Bitbons[i] with a high degree of confidentiality and security as well as allows providing access to another Bitbon System User[i] in accordance with the conditions established by the Safebox owner in order to transfer his/her Bitbons in full to this User.

Additional information

  • Each Participant can create his/her own Safebox by using standard tools in the Bitbon System[i].
  • The Participant can assign a unique name (alias) to his/her Safebox, which can make it easier to remember the name of the Safebox.
  • In order to improve the confidentiality of the Bitbon storage, the Safebox owner can use the special function of visual hiding of his/her Safebox within his/her account[i] in the Bitbon System.
  • When transferring Bitbons to the Safebox, the Participant must specify the parameters and conditions under which it will be possible to get access to Bitbons stored in the Safebox.
  • Parameters and conditions:

    Activation code means a unique alphanumeric identifier (password) automatically generated by the Bitbon System for getting access to Bitbons stored in the Safebox. For the convenience of remembering and storing the activation code, the Participant can create his/her own activation code (password), which should consist of a set of available characters in the number of not less than 24 and not more than 128 characters;

    Date and time of providing access to Bitbons may be an additional condition fulfilling which the User is given the possibility of getting access to Bitbons stored in a specific Safebox if the correct activation code (password) is specified;

    Date and time of the automatic Bitbon transfer means the condition under which all Bitbons stored in the Safebox are automatically transferred to the Assetbox[i] specified when creating the Safebox.

  • In the Bitbon System, the maximum period for storing Bitbons in the Safebox is set and is equal to 3652 days (10 years) from the moment of transferring Bitbons to the Safebox. If within a specified period of time Bitbons have not been used, then after 3652 days (10 years), all Bitbons stored in the Safebox will be automatically returned to the Assetbox, from which they were transferred to this Safebox.