Terms and Definitions


means a record (cell) with a unique alphanumeric identifier created by the Bitbon System User in the Blockchain[i] for storing his/her own Bitbons[i] or Projectbons[i] and transferring them to other Bitbon System Users as well as for receiving Bitbons and Projectbons from other Bitbon System Users.

Due to the built-in functionality of the Assetboxes, all Bitbon System Participants interact by receiving and transferring Bitbons and Projectbons from one cell (Assetbox) to another.

Each User, at his/her own discretion, can assign a unique name (alias) to his/her Assetbox within the Bitbon System[i] to use it in future as a convenient way of informing other Bitbon System Users of his/her Assetbox address.

Example of transferring Bitbons from one Assetbox to another