Social Responsibility

The Bitbon[i] use and acquisition have a transnational nature. Using Bitbon is a mutually beneficial, predictable and transparent process for all Bitbon System Participants[i] and states, as the number of participants, citizens and enterprises of the country, in which Bitbon is spread, will increase, hence, the business activity of the population as a whole will also grow, which will lead to an increase in tax revenues to the state budget.

As one of the consequences of the mentioned business activity, an increased cooperation is expected towards the Bitbon System Users[i] on behalf of authorities of the state jurisdiction, in which the Bitbon System[i] gains support.

One of the goals of creating the Bitbon System is to ensure transparency of mutual settlements between individuals and legal entities, commercial and state organizations. All this will contribute significantly to the development of small and medium-sized businesses and, most importantly, will lead to positive changes in all spheres of public life, among which the following can be particularly highlighted:

  • Financial transparency of infrastructure projects.
  • Accelerated macroeconomic data collection and their analysis.
  • Automation of retail trading.
  • Ability to pay for goods and services, pay bills of the housing and utilities sector.
  • Identification of transactions related to the financing of activities forbidden by law.

The Bitbon System development along with the high business ethical standards and principles create overall favorable conditions for the emergence of a high-tech business, which in its turn will improve the quality of social life.