Simcord Company, as the founder of the Bitbon System,
allocates 300,000.00 Bitbons from the Assetbox “Pre-Sale Bitbon Certificates & Affiliate-Promo” for the entire period of this Offer. This Assetbox was created specifically for paying remuneration according to individual affiliate programs dedicated to popularizing the Bitbon System.
0.00 Bitbons left
Today, your Bonus constitutes 0.00%
Purchase Bitbons now and receive your Bonus — percentage of Bitbons you have purchased
The percentage of credited Bonus decreases every 7 days!
It means that in
the Bonus will decrease and constitute 0.00%
Use your Bitbons and the Bonus received to make even greater profits from participation in Mining (without graphics cards) and Contributing.
These directions will be implemented in accordance with the Bitbon System development stages published in the White Paper and the development strategy of Simcord Company.
Mining bitbon
Consensus building mining — passive income every day
Each Bitbon owner will be able to participate in mining and receive regular income in the amount that will directly depend on the Bitbon amount available in his/her Assetbox.
Contributing — profit from participation in business projects all over the world
The higher the Bitbon price is by the time of the Contributing launch, the bigger your share in various projects may be and, consequently, the higher the profit you get.
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The Bonus will be credited to those Customers who have used our Offer, i.e. purchased Bitbons and kept the positive difference of Bitbons in Main Balances in their Bit Trade accounts until the end of this Offer.
The Bonus will be credited automatically within 10 days after the end of the Offer.

The Offer is considered to end if:

  • there are no Bitbons left for this Offer;
  • the termination of the Offer is initiated by Simcord Company at any time.
0.00 Bitbons are currently left
Mining bitbon
Install the Bitbon Space mobile app and keep up to date with the Bitbon System development.
To get your benefits today, learn more about opportunities of the Bitbon System and, without wasting your time, register on the Bit Trade Exchange website and buy Bitbons in any convenient way.
Receive Bonus
Bit Trade Markets OÜ cannot guarantee profit based on the exchange rate difference of Bitbon against other financial instruments. The Company can only assume the dynamics of the Bitbon price change and provide its Customers with calculations so that they could make their own decisions about the Bitbon purchase. By purchasing Bitbons during the validity period of the Offer, the Customer agrees that the time he/she receives the expected profit from the exchange rate difference can vary from the anticipated time. In case you have any doubts about the purchase of Digital Assets based on the Blockchain technology and execution of trading operations with them, the Company strongly recommends you to consult a qualified specialist in this field.