The End of the Offer from Simcord

The End of the Offer from Simcord

We would like to inform you that, on May 3, 2019, the Offer from Simcord will be terminated by the Company based on Clause 5.4 of the Additional Offer Terms and Conditions, which is considered to be the end of the Offer.

Every Bitbon System Participant who has purchased Bitbons during the additional Offer and complied with all the terms and conditions will automatically receive a Bonus (a percentage of the purchased Bitbons) within 30 days after the termination of the Offer. We would also like to note that the amount of Bitbons that remained after this Offer will be reallocated to other affiliate programs and projects aiming to promote the Bitbon System in the global community in accordance with the development strategy of Simcord Company and the Bitbon System White Paper.

We would like to congratulate all Bitbon System Participants who took advantage of our Offer and not only purchased the Bitbon Digital Asset, but also received a special Bonus. In the near future, you will be able to use the acquired benefits in Consensus building mining and other opportunities available in the Bitbon System.

You can find the terms and conditions of the Offer from the Company, the amount of Bitbons remaining at the end of the Offer, as well as the currently available Bonus in the Opportunity section.