10.07.2018 10:03
# 21

The zero-knowledge proof algorithm (zk-SNARKs) has been successfully tested. Its testing started on June 20. New mechanisms such as Bitbon Transfer Security Code (BTSC) and Safebox were implemented during the testing; the basis for further functional development of the Bitbon Transfer Security Code was laid down as well.

04.07.2018 11:22
# 20

The Assetbox repository has been integrated into the Bitbon System node in order to ensure the uniformity of information and guaranteed access to the Assetbox data, regardless of the registration point. As a result, this solution allows improving the quality of such System properties as decentralization, reliability, stability and continuous functioning.

20.06.2018 09:17
# 19

The zero-knowledge proof algorithm (zk-SNARKs) based on the Golang programming language has been successfully implemented, and the stage of its testing has started. This technical solution is performed as part of implementing new mechanisms, Bitbon Transfer Security Code (BTSC) and Savebox, in the Bitbon System node, which allows the Bitbon System Participants to securely store and transfer personal authorization information when executing transactions.

11.06.2018 12:59
# 18

The modified consensus algorithm of the new blockchain node of the Geth Ethereum hard fork has been studied, and as a result, the Bitbon System performance has been improved. The introduction of new nodes increases stability and reliability of the System as well as the speed of transactions.

01.06.2018 11:49
# 17

The applicability of the zero-knowledge proof algorithm (zk-SNARKs) for the Bitbon Transfer Security Code (BTSC) has been checked as planned. According to the test results, it was possible to achieve additional security and reliability of information storage by Bitbon System Users. The implementation of the Bitbon Transfer Security Code service (BTSC) is scheduled for mid-June 2018.

18.05.2018 13:15
# 16

A new version of the module for collecting and generating statistical reports has been launched to support a new version of Bitbon Space. This version contains the following parameters of Assetboxes: alias, info and icon. Their implementation will make viewing of Assetbox statistics more convenient for the Bitbon System Users.

03.05.2018 12:00
# 15

The concept of modification of the Geth Ethereum node and the Bitbon Processing component has been created and approved. This solution will allow expanding the current functionality as well as avoiding System failures. The processing application will be implemented using the original Go Ethereum client and will ensure functioning of the Bitbon System during the second stage up to the transition to the Simcord blockchain.

23.04.2018 12:00
# 14

The component used to implement the Assetbox depository has been updated to a more productive one. This will allow increasing many times the execution speed of any transactions related to the storage, reception and transfer of Bitbons and Projectbons among the Bitbon System Users.

09.04.2018 12:00
# 13

Services and APIs have been prepared to provide enhanced level of protection for managing funds in User accounts. Bitbon Transfer Security Code (BTSC) is implemented for additional security of transactions.

30.03.2018 12:00
# 12

An alpha version of the Blockchain Viewer has been sent to testing. The Blockchain Viewer is a new component of the Bitbon System. Its implementation will allow downloading the snapshot of the Blockchain database from the official Bitbon Space website and view detailed information on blocks and transactions. Moreover, this version of the Viewer already allows comparing verified snapshots of the database for various time periods, which is a proof of integrity and consistency of the Blockchain and also guarantees additional openness of the entire Bitbon System.