Statistics for 100 Days Since the Start of Bitbon Open Bidding

Statistics for 100 Days Since the Start of Bitbon Open Bidding

More than three months have passed since the start of open bidding on the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets. On the one hand, it is not a very long period of time, on the other hand, it is long enough to start conducting comparative analysis of statistical indicators and, in doing so, to watch the dynamic of development of the Exchange and understand its future prospects. This conclusion can be reached by analyzing statistical indicators over this period that describe the promotion of Bitbon at the international level using the tools of the Bit Trade Exchange, as well as by taking into account the conducted planned updates.

Ever since its launch, the Bit Trade Exchange has been strictly following international standards of providing complex exchange services to its Customers, in particular, when it comes to openness and transparency of its activity. According to this principle, we publish the most relevant and useful information in due time in order to ensure the correct understanding of the occurring processes by Bitbon System Participants. To that end, in the news article “30 Days Since the Start of Bitbon Open Bidding” dated December 17, 2018, we stated that the next statistics for information purposes will be published for the period of six months of the Exchange functioning. However, due to the incoming questions for our Customer Support regarding the statistics on exchange (market) and direct (non-market) purchases and sales of Bitbons, we provide you with the data for 100 days of the Exchange functioning, i.e. for the period from November 16, 2018 to February 26, 2019:

  • 10,589 Customers of the Bit Trade Exchange registered and became Bitbon System Participants.
  • Exchange turnover on the BITBON/USD trading instrument over 100 days constituted 2,403,770 USD.
  • Total number of Bit Trade Customers to use the option to purchase and sell Bitbons was 7,773.
  • We also managed to estimate the non-market turnover of purchases and sales of Bitbons, which constituted approximately 4,197,183 USD.

We would like to draw your attention to the dynamic of the Bitbon price fluctuation in the coming month predicted by our specialists. As we have mentioned before, the price of Bitbon against US dollar approached the oversold level and consolidated at a strong support level. In fact, the price correction at 4.7200 has slowed down and, presently, the buyers are starting to prevail. This is why our Company’s specialists expect the start of the Bitbon price growth ranging from 5 to 10% over the course of the next 30 days with its further increase.

The presented statistical indicators of the Exchange functioning fully comply with development stages of the Bitbon System specified in the White Paper and, together with the expected growth of the Bitbon price in March, suggest a stable and targeted development of the Bitbon System towards the launch of mining and expansion of Bitbon to other international exchanges.