Scheduled Transition to One Space Mobile App

Scheduled Transition to One Space Mobile App

We would like to inform you that the Bitbon Space mobile app has fulfilled its functions during the initial stages of the development of the Bitbon System and stops working in accordance with the Bitbon System White Paper. You can keep up to date with the news about the Bitbon System using the new One Space mobile app, which is already available for Android and iOS. In addition to the news section, this app will soon be expanded with a wide range of functionality:

  • Transfer of Bitbon digital assets by Users using the Bonpay service.
  • Payment for goods and services using Bonpay.
  • Access to the service of exchange of digital assets without intermediaries.
  • Messenger that allows making calls, creating chats and making Bitbon transfers between Users in a few clicks.
  • Global discount system that unites various spheres of business into one common system of discounts and savings on the basis of the Bonpay service.
  • Financing of various business projects using Projectbon digital assets.
  • Creation of public channels with special features to build a business-oriented social network.

One Space mobile app is a socially-oriented resource of the Bitbon System that will also be available as a web version. One Space will allow you not only to become a part of the Bitbon System Community, but also a part of the new information economy, where relations between people are built without intermediaries and money based on trust backed by advanced technologies.

You can download One Space mobile app from Google Play or App Store