Why It Is Profitable to Invest in Crypto Currencies Right Now

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16.08.2018 13:15

While most government structures are trying to find out how to regulate the crypto currency market, we should figure out how promising and attractive for investment can be digital assets in the future.

Even now, despite their high volatility, tokens and crypto currencies are key priorities for investors. Massive transaction bandwidth, minimum costs and high potential profits from speculative operations are mainly the reason for such popularity. In addition, many major investors use a crypto currency as a hedging instrument, which allow avoiding interaction with banks and paying commission fee for their services.

In order to attract investments, developers of digital platforms have made a major step forward by providing all users with platforms focused not only on monetary transactions, but also on a whole range of properties. A clear example is the Bitbon System[i], which provides its Users[i] with unique technologies to receive additional income from the implementation of projects, as well as many other functions, which allow everyone to actively interact in the System without the need to contact banks, legal enterprises and other institutions.

Many financial analysts consider that it has become profitable to invest in crypto currencies. The main reason for such a point of view is that the Blockchain[i] technology, which is the basis for crypto currencies, rapidly integrates into the global economy and will soon set its direction. Moreover, the technology is constantly improved thereby increasing its universal application not only in the field of finance, but also in other fields of human activity. All these factors have a positive impact on the crypto industry growth.

In addition, popularization of crypto currencies is facilitated by several economic trends:

  • An effort to simplify the use of digital services as much as possible. The more user-friendly and convenient their functionality is, the greater demand for them, and, as a result, the value of digital assets increases.
  • Transition from the use of traditional money to alternative digital payment methods. A crypto currency resolves most of the current problems related to fiat currency, thereby providing stability and transparency of the digital economy.
  • Globalization of the crypto industry. This field is developing rapidly enough, and, eventually, any financial functions and operations will integrate into the Blockchain technology.

The current economic model does not meet the needs of the modern society. Its mechanisms primarily focus on the commercial interests and are based on constant credit loans, which are offered to the population in exchange for the alleged financial stability without any choice at all. The banking system significantly complicates management of small and medium-sized businesses by making it dependent on the specified conditions, which reduces its profitability. Thus, the global economy needs a large-scale transformation, whose driving force is the Blockchain.

Decentralized financial management platforms offer a fundamentally new scheme of economic relations. The Bitbon System takes account of the problems related to the traditional economic model, which have been resolved by means of the innovative technologies. In addition, the System offers a new type of the collective investment (Contributing[i]), which allows starting your own business or participating in promising projects with minimum initial capital without intermediaries.

At the present moment, the Bitbon System is a unique infrastructure project developed on the basis of the Blockchain technology, which has no analogues in the world. Based on the proposed concept, we have every reason to believe that the use of this platform will be able to significantly influence the development of commercial relations in the global economy in the near future, as well as modernize them according to the current requirements of the humankind.