Take Advantage of Our Special Offer — Receive Your Bonus in Bitbons

News/Global News/Take Advantage of Our Special Offer — Receive Your Bonus in Bitbons
28.12.2018 16:24

From December 28, 2018, the special Offer, which allows you to receive a guaranteed Bonus when buying Bitbons, will be in effect on the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets.

According to this Offer, the Bonus will be credited only if you buy Bitbons during the Offer period and keep them in your Assetboxes before the end of the Offer.

To buy Bitbons right now means to get the maximum benefit since the percentage of credited Bonus will decrease every 7 days starting from 20%. Please note that the Bonus will be credited automatically within 10 days after the end of the Company’s Offer.

For the entire period of this Offer, Simcord Company, as the founder of the Bitbon System, allocated 300,000 Bitbons from the Assetbox “Pre-Sale Bitbon Certificates & Affiliate-Promo”, which was created specifically for paying remuneration according to individual affiliate programs dedicated to popularizing the Bitbon System. The Offer will end when there are no Bitbons left or at any time at the Company’s sole discretion.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use our Offer and receive your guaranteed Bonus in Bitbons, which you can use later by participating in Contributing and mining.