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01.04.2019 08:00

The Bitbon System continues to expand the boundaries of opportunities for its Users, even beyond Earth. Today, Simcord, as the founder of the Bitbon System, has prepared a special spring gift for all Bitbon System Users: now each Bitbon owner can use his/her Bitbons with space benefit and purchase a land plot on Mars without much effort.

There are several options in different locations for almost every taste.

In the northern hemisphere, there are land plots on the Acidalia Planitia, formerly known as the Acidalia Sea and famous for its attractions such as “face”, “sphinx” and “pyramids”.

Also, vast areas are available on the Tharsis volcanic plateau with breathtaking views of Olympus Mons, the highest mountain on Mars and in the entire Solar System. Its height from the base reaches 27 km. In the future, Tharsis may become the industrial center of Mars and the main source of mineral resources.

Unique exotic places are limited and await their owners on the Thaumasia Planum in Arima twin craters, which have a diameter of about 50 km and are almost identical. If you buy any land plot in one of the Arima craters, you can get 60% off when purchasing the second one in the twin crater.

The most picturesque, desirable and, consequently, expensive land plots are located on the Meridiani Planum in Victoria crater with a diameter of 750 m, whose main attraction is the pattern at the bottom in the form of sand dunes. Such formations indicate the presence of water at the bottom of the crater in the distant past of the Red Planet. The territory of Victoria crater shows promise in terms of tourism development.

In the near future, the Bitbon System Users who purchased Martian territories will be able to fully use their land plots for the implementation of their business ideas through Contributing, especially considering the start of the Earth–Mars commercial cargo and passenger transit.

Happy April Fool’s Day! On behalf of the entire Simcord team, we wish you to stay positive and believe that your goals can be achieved!

We hope that this news with a touch of humor gave you a spring mood and enthusiasm for any of your undertakings. Undoubtedly, business plays an important role in our lives, but today our goal is to remind you not to forget to enjoy every moment of yours. Let’s not just build our lives around business but rather build our business so that our lives would be bright and full of meaning.