Bank Card Holders Increasingly Buy Crypto Currency

News/Global News/Bank Card Holders Increasingly Buy Crypto Currency
27.04.2018 16:53

Worldcore payment institution conducted a large-scale social survey aimed at determining the willingness of people to carry out transactions with crypto currencies using bank cards. The survey participants were users of the most common payment systems in the world — MasterCard, Visa and Union Pay. In total, approximately 10,000 people from 47 countries participated in the survey. Based on the survey results, 89% of respondents are aware of what a crypto currency is, and 53% of respondents carried out transactions with digital currency at least once over the past 12 months.

According to the number of respondents, Japan (36%) held the top spot, the USA (25%) took the second place and South Korea (18%) took the third place. In total, representatives of the remaining states constituted 21% of respondents. The Worldcore team also found out how electronic account holders purchased digital currencies:

  • by credit card (21%);
  • by debit card (36%);
  • using other payment methods (43%).

The participants were people of different age groups and professions, but all of those people represent the most active audience in terms of banking transactions. According to an employee of Worldcore company, the most popular services provided by their payment system are numerous money transfers as well as the use of crypto currency wallets. Therefore, the answers of the savvy customers in the financial field mainly influenced the survey results.

The survey results make it clear that more and more people stop considering virtual money as something abstract and temporary, but on the contrary, become more interested in virtual money and more competent in the crypto field. Despite the fact that, at the present moment, not all banks are ready to cooperate with virtual exchanges and include crypto currency conversion in the list of their services, it may be concluded based on statistical data that modern society is gradually exploring crypto industry, and digital currencies form a new segment in the world economy.