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Crypto Currency Market Regulation. Why Is It Good?

12.07.2018 13:05

The crypto currency market regulation can be divided into the legislative and executive regulation. The first includes the possibility of non-recognition of digital money as a financial instrument by the state due to the fact that the existing legislation just does not have necessary regulatory mech...
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Interview with Simcord CEO Alexander Kud

05.07.2018 13:12

Bitbon System and Perspectives of Its Social and Economic Significance Current trends in computerization and informatization in many respects influence changes that occur in the system of economic relations between citizens of individual states and the whole world....
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International Business Meetings with Alexander Kud

27.06.2018 11:15

International business meetings dedicated to the Bitbon System crowdsale will take place in nine cities in different countries: June 29 — Moscow;July 1 — Kyiv;July 3 — Chernihiv;July 17 — Almaty;July 19 — Astana;July 26 — Simferopol;August 3 — Chişinău;August 10 — R...
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Bitbon System Public Crowdsale from Simcord Company

21.06.2018 11:23

Simcord Company has successfully completed pre-sale and internal crowdsale. The final stage of the Bitbon System public crowdsale has started. The Company operates in accordance with international standards in the field of development and production of high-load blockchain-based sof...
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Boston Scientists Have Determined the Average Return from ICOs

16.06.2018 09:49

Despite the lack of legal protection, the popularity of ICOs has grown significantly in recent years, which is not surprising, since an average investor manages to get quite impressive dividends. This trend has been mentioned in the report made by scientists from the Boston College (Carroll School o...