Miner’s Analytical Dashboard

In order to open the data in the miner’s analytical dashboard, you need to enter the Alias or address of the Assetbox connected to Consensus building mining.

Community PoS Mining

Mining starts in:
Remuneration is credited every 72 hours
Mining Fund:
Number of Assetboxes:
Mining pools created: 76.13%
0 % 25 % 50 % 75 % 100 %


Guaranteed remuneration every 72 hours.

100% transparent remuneration.

Receive information about the mining pool 24/7.


Miner’s Calculator

Calculate your potential remuneration for participating in mining.

Predict your remuneration for up to 5 years.

Miner’s CalculatorCalculate Remuneration
Mining Pool Virtual Modeling Application

Mining Pool Virtual Modeling Application

  • Easily create various models of organizing social connections of the mining pool.
  • Analyze the experience of other miners using active mining pools as an example.
  • Receive visual representation of the principles of forming remuneration based on the unique features of the structure of social connections of the mining pool.
  • Select the most profitable strategy of building a mining pool based on calculation and prediction of remuneration.
Model Your Pool


Mining using the progressive Community PoS consensus algorithm.

All statistics of the mining pool in a user-friendly and accessible interface of the miner’s analytical dashboard.

Regular notifications on the operation of your mining pool.

Adviser Bot

Adviser Bot

Adviser Bot

This specially developed adviser bot will help you receive timely notifications on the key events in your mining pool.

Connecting to the adviser bot is very easy:
  • install Telegram on your device;
  • search for a chat called @MiningBitbonbot.