According to the Bitbon System Roadmap as well as Clause 61[i] of the Bitbon System Public Contract , Infrastructure building mining will be launched as part of the concept of decentralization of the Bitbon System[i], the idea of which is for Miners[i] to engage the resources that belong to them. The participation share of each Miner in the Bitbon[i] redistribution process depends on technical properties and characteristics of the resources provided by the Miner, including the quality and speed of the Internet channel, processing time and memory capacity for long-term data storage.

Until the launch of Infrastructure building mining, Simcord, as the founder and the first Bitbon System Operator[i], solely ensures the infrastructure of the Bitbon System.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in accordance with the plan described in the Bitbon System Roadmap, some components of the Bitbon System are still being developed or prepared for launch, but Bitbon owners can already use the existing services. We recommend you to purchase Bitbon and join the community.