We tried to give detailed explanations to the main concepts and principles of Consensus building mining. This will make it easy for you to figure out the key parameters of the miner’s analytical dashboard, build an effective mining pool and guarantee that you receive remuneration.

Do I have to transfer Bitbons to participate in mining?

Only you can access Bitbon accounting units stored in your Assetbox. When you allocate your Bitbons to participate in Consensus building mining, you do not transfer them to anyone; you have complete control over your Bitbons.

Bitbons are stored in your Assetbox and are part of the base balance of your mining pool, which, in turn, affects the size of your remuneration.

How do I receive remuneration?

Every 72 hours, all miners receive remuneration from the Mining Fund for participating in Consensus building mining.

Remuneration is credited directly to your Assetbox.

If you do not accept the transaction with remuneration within 30 days, it is returned to the Mining Fund for further redistribution among other participants in Consensus building mining.

How can I increase my remuneration?

Your remuneration for participating in Consensus building mining depends on your contribution to forming the community of miners of the Bitbon System.

The main principle of Consensus building mining is the development of branched social connections of Bitbon System Miners, which means that the more new participants and their resources you attract to your mining pool, the higher remuneration you will receive every 72 hours.

How can I track the changes in the statistics of Consensus building mining?

In order to make it easier for you to track the indicators of your mining pool, the official website of the Bitbon System has an “Audit and Statistics” page, which contains several types of charts and indicators that show various kinds of detailed information in real time indicating the transparency of all mining processes.

What is a miner’s calculator?

With the help of the miner’s calculator, you can perform a preliminary calculation of remuneration for participating in Consensus building mining.

The application will allow you to calculate the remuneration with your specified parameters with the ability to select a specific time period using one of three prediction models based on the configuration of mining pools.

What is the adviser bot for?

The adviser bot was created using the Telegram messenger. It gives recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of managing the pool and gives miners timely information about key events in their mining pool: about incoming transactions with remuneration, about connection of new Assetboxes to the mining pool, about recalculation of levels and powers, as well as about other parameters, which will allow you to develop your mining pool quickly and effectively.

How do I analyze the operation of the mining pool?

Аnalytical dashboard is a sort of “guide” for operating your mining pool.

Statistics available in the analytical dashboard will allow you to receive detailed information on all Assetboxes in all the lines of your mining pool to ensure its effective management.

Additionally, the analytical dashboard shows detailed statistics of distributing remuneration for participating in Consensus building mining.

How do I start mining?

In order to connect to mining, you need to go to the “Connect to Mining” page in the “Bitbon Asset” section of the Bit Trade website and select an Assetbox that you would like to connect to mining.

After clicking “Connect to Pool”, 0.0001 Bitbons will be transferred from your Assetbox to the Assetbox you are trying to connect to.

You can also select any Assetbox that you would like to connect to and transfer 0.0001 Bitbons to it.

Thus, the process of connecting your Assetbox to the mining pool will be complete.

What is a mining pool virtual modeling application?

The mining pool virtual modeling application will allow you to figure out the principles of building models of mining pools with various combinations of Assetboxes and their balances, as well as calculate the powers of such pools, which will allow you to choose the most optimal way of building your own mining pool.