Business Attractiveness

The business attractiveness of Bitbon is laid down in its definition as a unit of measurement of property rights to Assets designated in Bitbons or Projectbons.

Bitbon has a unique feature — the opportunity for each Bitbon System Participant to determine a part of his/her property rights to Assets.

Bitbon is based on a core principle of its value formation regarding the cost of various types of Assets included in Bitbon via Projectbon Public Contracts of various projects and the prospects for their development.

One of the goals of the Bitbon System is to develop Contributing by creating Projectbon Public Contracts. Using Bitbon as an instrument for Contributing is understandable and predictable as it is predetermined by the terms and conditions of the current Projectbon Public Contracts of specific projects. All Projectbons, which enter the Bitbon Capitalization Fund as a result of automatic Contributing, are sent to further increase the Assets of Bitbon owners. In this case, Assets can include the following: real estate, bank deposits, machinery and production equipment, securities, patents, trademarks, know-how, shares in statutory funds and in other companies, shares in various projects with legal entities and individuals and other assets having business importance that contributes to Bitbon capitalization and the growth of its value.

To maintain the relevance of economic information on the current state of Assets under the terms of Projectbon Public Contracts, a Bitup-Agency reevaluates the Contractat’s Assets by making the obtained results and statistical information publicly available to all Users of the Bitbon System.

Taking into account that Bitbon capitalization will grow due to the management and development of existing Assets and acquisition of new ones with the high potential of their growth, Bitbon, without any doubt, is the best business solution and a legitimate way to maintain and multiply the capital.