We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in accordance with the Bitbon System Roadmap, some components of the Bitbon System are still being developed or prepared for launch, but owners of Bitbon units can already use the existing services. We recommend that you purchase Bitbon units and join the community.
Open a fundamentally new and accessible format of organizing and conducting business activity.
an owner of Bitbon,

a fully-fledged participant in the new market of information resources, products and services based on distributed ledger technologies.
Use innovative technologies
to accomplish your goals on the way to financial success and wealthy future.

The Bitbon System[i] offers modern and rational solutions for business operations everyone is used to already, as well as innovative activity types on a completely new market of information resources, products and services based on the distributed ledger[i] technology:

  • Financing projects can happen without participation of banks through the use of digital assets[i] directly by Bitbon System Users[i].
  • The market for exchanging rights to a value[i] operates on a single global decentralized service with the highest liquidity without commissions and intermediaries.
  • A new way of regulating legal relations opens with the ability of equivalent exchange of products and services without intermediaries.
  • The Right to the right[i] principle allows excluding money circulation and optimizing business processes, taxation and business activity.

The economic model of the Bitbon System that we offer opens up the opportunity to conduct business activity in a completely decentralized and autonomous environment based on the distributed ledger technology by performing an equivalent exchange of digital assets (rights to real assets[i]) using the Right to the right principle without intermediaries and money, which, in turn, opens up a new type of socioeconomic relations hundreds and even thousands of times more effective than the existing approaches.