Bitbon Task

The official currencies of the world have the property of being in physical (cash) flow, wherein there is no possibility of storing and recording information about transactions on the computers of millions of users based on the Blockchain technologies that could give such a financial system transparency, reliability, and, as a consequence, users’ confidence in it. And in this case, the crypto currency compared to official currencies of the world is a new type of digital money and has a number of undeniable advantages.

The main advantages of the crypto currency are as follows:

  • Full protection of crypto currency from forgery;
  • Ability to split the nominal value with unlimited accuracy;
  • Recording and storing all transactions that cannot be deleted or modified in the Blockchain;
  • High speed of transaction processing;
  • No intermediaries while executing financial operations;
  • And other benefits of digital information technologies based on which there is a rapid development of the crypto currency industry as a whole.

Perhaps the only argument against the use of the known types of crypto currencies is that they are unbacked, and therefore, cannot fully perform the main function of money as a measure of value.

Bitbon is a Crypto Value — it does not have the disadvantage inherent in other crypto currencies. Potentially Bitbon can become a universal equivalent, which measures the value of all goods. The assets of individuals and legal entities, and possibly assets of states estimated in Bitbon will make all goods commensurable.

With the onset of a new stage in the evolution of financial relations between people, one of the important tasks of Bitbon is to improve the global financial system.

The global task of Bitbon is to become an optimal tool for management, evaluation and measurement of the cost of any type of values, and, consequently, to establish a foundation for the emergence of the common global database that is updated in real time and contains objective information on all assets and resources available to the world economy that, as a consequence, will result in the emergence of new methods of analysis, which allow using precise mathematical calculations, as well as the information on the rational use of all resources for the most effective management of the human society development.