Terms and Definitions


Indexbon means an instrument for Contributing[i] created by a Contributor[i] by combining shares or their parts from various Projectbons[i] he/she possesses in order to manage his/her assets[i] more conveniently and efficiently.

Indexbon has the following attributes:

  • Identifier — a unique sequence of alphanumeric characters;
  • Unique name assigned by the Contributor upon publishing the given Indexbon;
  • Records in the blockchain[i], which register all operations with Indexbons.

Indexbon has the following properties:

  • The Projectbon owner may manage his/her shares in projects by including them in the Indexbon in order to sell or transfer this Indexbon to another Bitbon System User[i];
  • Ability to publish the Indexbon for the purpose of implementation;
  • For a new Indexbon owner, there is an opportunity to make changes to the Indexbon structure (exclude Projectbon, change the share of any Projectbons, add a new Projectbon, and other operations). At the same time, making these changes entails inability to use the original unique Indexbon name.