Terms and Definitions


(Automatic Project Grant) means a process in the Bitbon System[i], which may take place after the IBO[i] (Initial Business Offering) process is completed due to a decreased Bitbon[i] exchange rate against the currency used at any stage of implementation of the Contractat’s[i] business project.

The APG process starts when the Bitup-Agency[i], which supervises implementation of the Contractat’s specific business project, confirms insufficient financing of one of its implementation stages due to difference in the Bitbon exchange rate in relation to the currency used for implementation of this business project.

The APG process is completed when the required Bitbon amount is transferred to the Masterbox[i] of the business project. This amount is allocated by the Bitbon Capitalization Fund[i] based on the decision of the Bitup-Agency, which supervises implementation of this business project in accordance with the class of the Projectbon Public Contract of this project[i].