Official Briefings “Bitbon System — Smart Tool for Digital Future”

News/Global News/Official Briefings “Bitbon System — Smart Tool for Digital Future”
23.11.2018 11:21

The Bitbon System is developing according to the Bitbon System White Paper and, consequently, certain mechanisms are being implemented as well as the technological processes are being regulated during the relevant stages.

Simcord Company organizes a series of official briefings “Bitbon System — Smart Tool for Digital Future” in order to provide timely and useful information for everybody interested in using the Blockchain[i] technology in various spheres, including financial sphere, digital economy and the Bitbon System[i] functioning. The themes of mining, Contributing[i] and the Bitbon System development will be considered in detail at the briefings.

Within a framework of this event, the briefings will be held in different cities:

  • Yevpatoria — November 30;
  • Simferopol — December 1;
  • Sevastopol — December 2;
  • Chişinău — December 18;
  • Moscow — December 20.

Sergii Lytvynenko, Marketing Director of Simcord, will be the speaker.

At the briefing, each participant will get unique information and will be able to ask Sergii Lytvynenko questions of interest about the Bitbon System in order to successfully create and promote his/her own business in the realities of the digital economy taking into account practical global prospects of the Bitbon System.

The number of seats is limited!

You can register for free participation here: