Blockchain Statistics Update

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13.08.2018 08:22

Due to the latest update, the Blockchain Statistics has become even more informative. Now, everyone can follow the pace of the Bitbon System development by focusing on indices of various charts and indicators.

Extended statistics, which applies graphic tools, has become possible due to a new page —“Charts”. There are five charts, each of which provides Users with detailed information on different areas:

  • “Number of Created Assetboxes” — the chart displays the number of registered Assetboxes by dates that allows you to monitor the growth of the Bitbon System popularization;

  • “Number of Bitbon Transactions” — the chart displays the number of executed transactions by dates and allows you to monitor the activity of the Bitbon System Users;

  • “Volume of Transactions in Bitbons” — the chart displays the volume of all completed transactions in Bitbons by dates, which makes it possible to verify stability and sustainability of the Bitbon System;

  • “Chart of Bitbon Price Change” — the chart displays the Bitbon price change by dates, which allows you to monitor the dynamics of the Bitbon growth in real time;

  • “Distribution of Assetboxes According to the Number of Available Bitbons” — the chart allows the Bitbon System Users to receive up-to-date statistical information on this index.

Also, you can choose a timeframe of data display, which greatly simplifies usage of new tools.

The Simcord development team constantly works on improving the Company’s products by making their use as convenient and effective as possible. In addition, we would be grateful if you could take part in the development of our products by leaving your suggestions and comments using the feedback form in the “Cooperation” section on the Bitbon Space website. We will consider all your comments and suggestions.