Integration APIs

The development of the API integration service was intended to enable you to become part of the Bitbon System[i]. This integration solution involves the possibility of connecting interested persons or institutions to the Bitbon System using published APIs on the basis of the WebSocket protocol according to RFC 6455 standard.

The advantage of connection to the Bitbon System using WebSocket lies in creating a permanent channel of network connection and in a possibility of two-way data exchange according to the “Request-Response” scheme between equal participants, which allows ensuring a high transmission rate and an optimal load on the system.

To gain access to WebSocket of the Bitbon System, you must complete the registration procedure; get an identifier and access keys for the application to be integrated, since only the Bitbon-authorized services can use this API-based integration solution. Each time you open a network connection, the application to be integrated must pass authentication through the provided identifier and keys as well as through the IP address registered in our integration service.

To have access, you will receive a complete integration manual as well as WebSocket URL, which will be required to access the WebSocket API of the Bitbon System for the purpose of:

  • service authentication;
  • receiving information on the session;
  • registration of a new Bitbon System User[i] with a possibility of automatic Assetbox[i] creation;
  • new Assetbox creation for a registered Bitbon System User;
  • configuration of the Assetbox public properties;
  • obtaining the established Assetbox public properties;
  • creating, receiving and cancelling the Bitbon[i] transfer transactions between Assetboxes;
  • receiving full information on the Bitbon flow in the Assetbox;
  • receiving the current Bitbon balance in the Assetbox.